Lunch at the Dog Inn

Travelling means you eat out a lot and in Britain that means you spend a lot of time in pubs. Thanks to our Good Pub Guide, that usually means very cozy pubs with tasty food, good beer and lots of senior citizens. (This is something we already noticed in Barcelona – any restaurant full of old people will invariably have good food. And England has only confirmed this theory for us. So that’s the litmus test now: white/grey has to outnumber any other hair color.)

But I digress. Where was I? Right, spending a lot of time in pubs. This isn’t a bad thing but sometimes you do get bored a bit. Which the good people at Guinness obviously know so they came up with riddle beer mats. Entertainment for the whole family! We managed to solve all of them except for the very last one. If anyone can think of the solution for that one, please tell us! (If you can’t be bothered to figure them out, solutions are included in the alt tag – just mouse over the image and hold your mouse still to bring it up.)

Update: The last one had us stumped it was a saying we didn’t know existed. Now the question is where did that saying come from? Maybe it’s the family version of another popular saying. Do saying have an etymologies or just words? On a related note we are also working on getting comments running, so you don’t have to email us all the time.

A) Blood is thicker than water B) 6 feet under ground

A) Good-looking B) Final frontier

A) Reading between the lines B) In for a penny, in for a pound

A) Breaking the ice B) NO IDEA - HELP!!!

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