Scottish cuisine


A couple of nights ago we were invited for dinner at Jen’s and James’ house, friends of Vicky. The day before, Jen had asked whether there was anything we didn’t eat and I had replied in grand fashion “we eat anything”! (Note to self – remember you’re in Scotland.)

Yep, we got HAGGIS!

If you don’t know what it is, read up on Wikipedia. I’d rather not write about it here because that’ll spoil my having eaten it in retrospect…

I admit that it was rather tasty, as long as you don’t think about the ingredients. It’s spicy with a herby, nutty taste to it. And it looks just like any coarse sausage so nothing scary there. It also came stuffed into a chicken breast wrapped with bacon (?) so there was lots of familiar food around to take the ‘newness’ out of the haggis. But I’m glad I got to have my first haggis at a friend’s home rather than ordering it at a restaurant. What if you don’t like it? Not eating your haggis is probably akin to publicly declaring you hate Sean Connery or saying kilts look gay (which they don’t – they’re rather fetching actually…) So thanks Jen and James for guiding us through this potentially embarrassing tourist rite of passage!

Doesn't look scary, does it?

Doesn't look scary, does it?

Next up, deep fried Mars bars! Ah, Scottish cuisine…

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