Anniversary Paws

Today marks exactly one year since we left our lovely little apartment in Barcelona and started travelling. We didn’t know if it would work out for this long, combining work and travel, left to our own devices 24/7 and sometimes without much of a plan. But it’s been absolutely wonderful and it’ll probably be much tougher to stop than we anticipated.

We’re in Chile now, crossed over via the lakes from Bariloche to Puerto Montt (a trip that’s slightly overrated and vastly overpriced), and are slowly making our way up to Santiago. We hope to visit some vineyards, maybe the thermal waters at Pucon and then enjoy the big city life in the capital. More details to follow!

Tonight we’re staying in Valdivia, a nice little town on the pacific coast. Our hotel is right across from a government building and there’s a big demonstration going on about a vote that’s taking place tonight. The streets are closed off, police in riot gear is everywhere and they’re expecting tear gas later. So if you don’t hear from us in a few days, you know what happened…

In the meantime though, keep on reading. We hope you enjoy our ramblings.

5 Responses to “Anniversary Paws”

  1. giulia says:

    already 1 year……que rico.
    i can imagine that stopping this kind of life will be so HARD!!!!!!!!

  2. anndrew&O says:

    A year! Time to get back to work.What about poor Gordo? A&O

  3. Angelika Heilmann says:

    My dear Nora and Conner,great to hear from you!!Why not directly to my mailadress? Have a great time!! Angelika

  4. Nora says:

    @giulia – That’s why we’ll have to ease out gently. With a trip to Palau… 😀
    @Andrew&O – Gordo is doing way too well, that’s why it’s so hard to quit!
    @Angelika – You can use the RSS feed to get the updates automatically. Just click on the ‘RSS’ button in the URL field and it should add the feed directly to your

  5. juls says:

    do you really have to stop traveling? i mean, out of all people, you can pull this off… 🙂 beijos!

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