A Change of Plans

Because of all the nuclear uncertainty in Japan at the moment we have decided to cancel our trip to Kyoto next week. To say we’re disappointed is a massive understatement since Kyoto was the first destination we agreed on when we started talking about going traveling over two years ago. But even though the city itself is fine – we’ve been talking to several people who live there – with threats of nuclear rain and tainted food, it just doesn’t make much sense to risk it.

If you want to help Japan and its people, please consider a donation, for example to the Red Cross.

Our next ‘fixed date’ after Japan is Vancouver in June and we considered staying in the southern hemisphere to head over to Canada from here. But since we have quite a lot of work to get done, we’re headed back to Europe for two months to do just that.

4 Responses to “A Change of Plans”

  1. giulia says:

    oi oi oi!!!!
    of course i am said you had to cancel ur trip! i remember you had said that kyoto was somewhere you really wanted to go and had decided immediatly!
    On the other hand i am so so happy i will get to see you soon!!!!! YAY!!!!! even mini me is kicking of happiness!!!!!!
    let me know when u get here!

  2. Curt says:


  3. Kuru says:

    I hope Andrew remembered to buy the candles and lots of food…..

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