Not Our Fault

Really, we promise that we do not have electromagnetic powers or geothermal authority and this is all pure coincidence. Although when you start adding it up, we agree that it looks a little fishy: we leave Buenos Aires > floods hit the city; we’re in Chile > a major earthquake and a tsunami hit; we leave Queensland > flooding commences and a cyclone hits; we’re in New Zealand > another major earthquake hits and now we’re about to go to Japan (next week) > yet another earthquake and a tsunami strike.

As our friend Martha advised us very sagely: get a whistle.

We were going to go surfing this morning but we’re being advised by the TV and radio to stay away from beaches and to not go sightseeing (really?). Which seems a bit silly since the ‘tsunami’ supposedly arrived this morning around 6am on NZ shores but it is now flat as a pancake out there. Even if we were to ignore the warnings and head to the beach, there are no waves to surf on.

The images coming in from Japan look horrible, especially that mass of water and mud pushing debris, cars and houses along. But for now we haven’t changed our plans yet to fly out on the 19th. We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Lorraine and Laurie says:

    Hi Nora and Connor,

    It is amazing to see the devastastion caused by the earthquakes and tsunami in NZ and Japan and your presence is pure coincidence in the countries you have visited so far. Great to see you are having some wonderful experiences and are enjoying your travels.

    We have just spoken to our Japanese friends who live an hour south of Tokyo and we were pleased to hear they are all well and have not been effected by the recent catastrophe.

    On the 1 March the builders commenced the extension/renovations at Anglesea and we are pleased with the progress to date and anticipate completion by mid September which we are looking forward to. Take care XX

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