Reporting from the Melbourne Music Scene

We planned our trip through Australia to make sure we coincided in Melbourne for the great debut of a new reggae band. I mention not the name yet as some of you will recognize the leading man and driving force behind this new revival of Reggae happening down under. Without further interruptions but with a reminder that this was shot with a regular photo camera that is just 1cm thick, here they are:

The concert was held in a small warehouse and although this gave it a fringe quality and made it exciting, finding the place proved a little tricky. This is the street of the venue:

Undecided if this could actually be the street and wondering if the gathering was going to be smaller than we had been led to believe we came upon the entrance:

The crowd inside was substantial but most people where dancing so getting to the bar proved easier than expected. Playing were Judge Pino and the Ruling Motions. Judge Rodrigo Pino originally played bass and has been in several bands. This is his second band as lead/organizer. On guitar was the Aussie Gareth Eunson, although you could tell he was new to reggae style, he brought his own grove. Also Australian Jamie Selby on keyboards and Jarrit Waters on bass. Bringing in the European influence was Steven Dupon on the drums.

With the mood high the second set required less clothing, vests where dropped and the checker shirt came out and you get to do some more appreciation of how bad my microphone truly is:

Although the debut went very well and attracted a crowd, Judge Pino and the Ruling Motions had already committed to two more months of practice before going truly live. So we were lucky to catch this preview and if we’re ever back in Melbourne or The Motions go on tour we will be sure to catch them again.

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