Smokey Bear Country

If I try to put our hike in Yosemite into words it’s going to end up sounding like a sappy, revelatory religious experience, full of ‘amazing’, ‘awe-inspiring’, ‘incredible’ and the occasional ‘breath-taking’. And still, it wouldn’t do it justice because the park really is that awesome. To spare you, we’ve put together lots of pictures instead.

Just for orientation purposes, we drove to Taft Point and hiked from there to Sentinel Dome and on to Glacier Point. It’s a short route, less than 10km, but it showcases the most spectacular and popular points of the park: El Capitan, Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls, the Valley and Half Dome.

Click on the image for a larger and even more impressive version.

Spot the Conor

There are lots of fissures, especially along Taft Point, where ice and water have cracked the granite.

The most delicious and unexpected treat: Jeffrey pines smell like butterscotch. (Don't taste like it though...)

El Cap gets a good push.

The famous Half Dome. You need to get a ticket months in advance if you want to climb it.

Tunnel View - El Cap on the left, Half Dome in the middle and Bridalveil Falls on the right.

Ansel Adams Wannabe

Upper Yosemite Falls from the valley floor.

Sun setting on El Capitan.

3 Responses to “Smokey Bear Country”

  1. Fiona & Claudio says:

    Great photos guys! The kids loved the tree-licking! Tommaso asks if you saw any bears?
    Lots of love from all of us xxxxxx

  2. Nora says:

    No bears in Yosemite unfortunately. But we saw some in Whistler! 🙂

  3. Phil and Jeanette says:

    Did you get a chance to see the Michaud family (cousin of Jeanette), in the foothills just before Yosemite while in the area? Ted kind of looks like a little bear..;-o)

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