Something Strange is Afoot at Chelsea Market…

It was a clever enough idea: have a bunch of mildly attractive 20-30 somethings walk around with a box of your product, pretending that they just bought it. Hopefully make a bunch of other 20-30 somethings insanely jealous so they’ll go out and buy the same product. In reality though, it started to look a little freaky after we saw the fourth person with this carton stroll past us in Chelsea Market:

Notice how the box doesn't seem to weight anything? Those things are HEAVY in real life.

(Apologies for the crappy quality of the pictures. Taking stealth evidence is a lot harder than it looks!) There was also a suspiciously high number of young single men toting the same box and while it’s always nice to see men getting down and dirty in the kitchen, none of these guys seem the type…

Of course, now we are giving Breville even MORE free marketing by writing about this but it was just too strange and evil marketing genius not to document. Stay classy Breville.

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  1. Luis M. says:

    Ha! Very clever indeed… or is it?

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