The Marathon

Today was the New York Marathon, the 42km race that runs through all five boroughs, closes some major New York streets and brings about $350 million in “economic activity”. That’s a lot of activity…

The first woman runner at the 30km mark. She didn't win though.

Winner of the marathon, Geoffrey Mutai, around the 36km mark.

Closely followed by the rest of the front runners.

Water, Gatorade and lots of bananas.

Is that really the right motivation?

Team Achilles runs with handicapped and wheelchair runners. There were some amazing racers there.

One of the many handcyclers in the race

Not sure how interested the dogs really were in the marathon but they sure looked stylish on the sidelines.

Lunch with a view

Almost lost our official photographer there. Luckily, Conor came to the rescue.

And how do you feel about this race?

Gorgeous weather, spectacular foliage, crazy runners = great day

This was probably the happiest runner we saw.

After the finish line, walking it off in heat blankets.

There were some pretty crazy characters running the race from a bride and groom to Batman and Robin. But our favourite by far was Christoph Niemann, the Abstract Sunday columnist for the New York Times who ran, drew and tweeted the marathon. See the results here.

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