The Week in Review

Fall has very much moved in. The trees are doing their best Indian summer work, our heating is running full time and pumpkins are on every corner.

The subway station for the National History museum is decorated with all kinds of flora and fauna mosaics.

The Bonsai exhibit at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Remember those giant sequoias from our post about the redwoods? This is the same tree. Just pocketsize.

Someone moved a piano into Washington Square Park and entertained us for the afternoon.

Kids (and adults) making gigantic soap bubbles in Central Park.

Once again exploring the Highline (if you're coming to visit us, get ready for this...)

Enjoying the last rays of sun on some Highline loungers.

A riot of colors, even in the city.

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  1. kuru says:

    I see Mila has her English fleece 🙂

    Highline here I come!

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