Vancouver, the Non-Hockey Edition

Lest you’d think that everything in Vancouver has to do with hockey, here are a few non-hockey impressions we gathered sight-seeing over the weekend.

On Saturday we went to Granville Island with some friends from Caracas who are looking at moving to Vancouver. Calling the place an island is a bit misleading because it’s more of a man-made peninsula wedged under a highway bridge. But there was a children’s festival going on so we saw lots of colorful characters:

There was the lizard creature

And the lady in the veggie skirt

All year round there are also lots of little artisan shops and markets on the island. My favourites were the glassblower:

Note the tube in her mouth: it's attached to the end of the stick and allows her to gently blow into the bauble while trimming it at the same time.

and the donut shop:

In the afternoon we took a trip on one of the itty-bitty ferry boats that run across False Creek. They can fit about 16 people (with dogs) and are probably the fastest way to get from one side of the river to the next.

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  1. Kuru says:

    If you want to visit my friend Anne Mac Caulay who lives in Victoria island, her email is
    We were at McGill together and had our 43rd reunion two years ago. used to be Anne Dawson then.
    they have a house by the sea, I believe.

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