Harvest Time

Since setting our paws on the road 3 years ago we haven’t managed to come home for the harvest since more exotic locales usually beckoned around that time: Mexico, South East Asia, New York City. But this year we’re finally in Italy for the big event and even though it’s as back-breaking as always, it’s also still as satisfying as usual to get your hands dirty in the fields, see the grapes come in and taste the fresh juice.

Grapes are unloaded into the centrifuge that separates them from the stems. Then they get automatically pumped into the tanks inside the cellar.

The stems are raked together and dumped back onto the land later as fertilizer.

The following two pictures are actually from the harvest 5 years ago when Emma was just a puppy but they are so perfect and cute that I wanted to include them anyway:

Blowing a raspberry “Pffflllbbb”

(She still loves getting dirty and wet like that only now we don’t let her. Evil humans that we are…)

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  1. Curt says:

    Quanto รจ cresciuto Bruno: maremma maiala!

    Ed Emma: grande!!

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