Spring has Sprung

Even though today’s weather doesn’t want us to believe it, Spring is really just around the corner. We’ve already had a few lovely warm days here in Barcelona and the colors sprouting up right and left are chocolate for the soul. Not to mention the possibility to finally have lunch outside again.

Easter is of course also just around the corner. Palm Sunday we came across an open air mass on the Rambla Catalunya which looked very pretty with everyone holding palm crosses and decorations. Our pursuits that morning were much more worldly though: delicious breakfast at Mauri.

Barcelona has changed though. The day after we arrived the unions had called for a general strike and some people took that opportunity to go nuts on the streets. Overthrown recycling containers littered the streets, fires were lit on roads and shops and banks had their windows smashed. (And we thought we’d left all that behind in Vancouver. Don’t even think about starting to blame us for riots now too!)

Yesterday took the cake though: we went to the mall to get our free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream scoop but when we arrived the shop was closed. We probably arrived too late and they had run out of free scoops but in frustration I took a picture of the closed shop. At which point a mall cop appeared at my shoulder and informed me that this was illegal. My perplexed “Porque?” was only answered with a shrug and a mumble about the mall being private property. So in full defiance of that stupid law I present to you my illegal yet very unexciting and sad photograph:

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  1. Curt says:

    Lovely to see another entry. You look gorgeous, Nonni!

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