The Wall

Of course we visited some sections of the former wall, at least where there was anything left since most of it is gone now.

One of the most infamous sections of wall was built on Bernauerstrasse where the wall ran practically through the houses. So one could enter the house in the east and walk out in the west. The GDR wasn’t stupid though and tried to put a stop to this quickly but not before people walked through the doors, and when those were locked and boarded up, jumped out of windows from ever higher floors. The fire brigade on the western side had usually been alerted with smuggled notes and stood ready to catch them with safety sheets.

Some of these – now famous – scenes are pictures on the walls of buildings along Bernauer Strasse now.

Jumping out of windows into the West

When our friends Micha and Sam came to visit we also biked over to the East Side Gallery, a 1.3 km piece of the wall that has been painted by artists in sections and remains as an open-air art gallery and memorial.

After all that strenuous exercise we relaxed at the Oststrand, a bar/pub on the river bank with sand and deck chairs. Along with cold beers and home-made pizza from a wood fired oven. What more could you want on such a gorgeous afternoon?

Thank you Berlin, it’s been a pleasure. I have a feeling we’ll be back.

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