A Small Update

Hello dear reader,

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to update you on my daily doings but there is just so much going on here, it’s madness. Every one wants a piece of me at all hours of the day; it can be quite tiring, let me tell you. But of course it’s fabulous really and I’m enjoying myself immensely.

Last time we spoke I told you about missing the grape harvest which was unfortunate but rectified during the picking of the olives now when the catering lady took me along to show me how it’s all done. I was quite a dab hand at combing those trees!

Yesterday we went for an outing in the car, a rare treat even though I’m not a big fan of longer car rides. There is never enough catering provided and the toys are distinctly lacking in novelty. But the destination in this case was quite nice. A little town with lots of old houses and cold wind. The transportation man was cold so I kept him warm. (Really, what did these people do before I came along?!)

I also had to supervise the transportation man’s wood gathering trip to the shed. You can never be too lax with the staff or they start dancing all over you!

Bath time is still very pleasurable even though it’s colder now and coming out of the tub is slightly uncomfortable. I usually make my displeasure known with a good scream or two but neither maintenance nor catering seem very impressed by this. Maybe I have to come up with a new technique?

Of course I still try to take time and hang in my cacoon whenever I can. But with a schedule as busy as mine, it’s not always easy. I’m sure you understand.

These, I cannot explain to you because I don’t understand what they are or how they work. Witchcraft I believe. But they change color and are just amazing.

So long,

Small Paw

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