All Action, All the Time

Dear Reader,

Finally, the authorities have understood my plight and done something to alleviate my boredom. It took them long enough but last week a whole group of people came to visit me and it was simply marvelous. So many aunties and uncles and everyone wanted to play with me!

As seems to be the norm with these large humans, they ate almost constantly. I imagine it has to do with their size and the fact that they don’t drink enough milk. Only this yellow pee-like liquid from glass bottles; can’t be healthy.

I have to admit that I’m quite sad every one has left now. Except for tia Claudia who can’t tear herself away from me and is staying a few more days. Thank God! Because what do I do with the authorities when it’s just the three of us again?! It’ll be up to me once more to entertain them. A baby’s work is never done…

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