Cooling Down

And just like that, summer is over. The weather is turning cooler, leaves are slowly starting to change their color and clouds are threatening a bit of drizzle every other day. We’ve made it to Barcelona for some errands before starting the trip to Italy tomorrow and I’m glad to get into the country side for the fall since it’s so much prettier there than in the city where it just feels cold and wet when the seasons change.

The ferry trip from Mallorca was a cinch with few passengers on board and good weather. We spent a few days here in Barcelona seeing friends and family, shopping and even *gasp* getting a little work done. (Not too much though, don’t want to overdo it…)

Of course we couldn’t leave the island without a last inspection of Small Paw’s tree. It looked very well but keep your fingers crossed that it’ll make it through the winter. The rains have been picking up in the past few weeks so hopefully that’ll continue, at least in Mallorca.

For Italy on the other hand we’d like lots of sunshine please! Off to finish packing now…

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