My Day

I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself and get started early on the whole writing thing so here goes my first guest post. Hope you like it.

The authorities of the house are still quite dependent on me so I have to spend a lot of time letting them carry me and sleep on them during the day. They also love playing with this orange rattle thing they call “Cat”. I indulge them by swatting and cooing at the thing for as long as I can manage before it simply gets too dull for words and only screaming suffices. I’m sure I can wean them off me in a few months so I can get on with some more important tasks but for now, this is what my typical day looks like.

I wake up when the sun comes out and try to make enough noise to alert the authorities that it’s breakfast time and I need a change of diapers. (Such pesky things those poopy diapers but the authorities refuse to let me use the toilet. *sigh*) The level of noise selected here is crucial because too much will put the authorities in a bad mood but too little won’t get them out of bed fast enough. I’m a bit of a pro in this matter so do take notes.

After I’ve had my milk delivered from the catering department I usually visit with the maintenance & transportation man for some morning exercise.

Then I like to take a little beauty nap in the big bed. It’s so much more comfortable then my crib but try as I might, I have yet to convince the authorities to switch with me. I shall persevere!

Afterwards I let the authorities have some breakfast so they can keep up their energy during the day. Especially catering gets somewhat cranky otherwise. Sometimes we read the papers too. One simply must try and keep up with current affairs. They always ask me to help them with the crossword but I feel it’s important to let them exercise their brains and come up with the solutions themselves.

After that it’s a mixed bag. We might go for a walk (see this post) or head into town for some shopping.

Lunch (warm milk, always a favourite) is followed by a nap in my lounge chair, the hammock or on one of the authorities depending on my disposition.

Then the afternoon passes by with some play, more napping and the occasional need for a good screaming when the authorities simply can’t get things right exactly the way I like them. (It is so difficult to find good staff these days…)

In the evenings the authorities enjoy watching movies while I nap on one of them. (I don’t care much for their taste in films. Much too common Hollywood fare and not enough cinĂ©ma d’auteur if you ask me.)

As you can see, it’s a busy life I lead with the authorities. I don’t know what they did before I came along but they must have been bored to tears.

Until next time, dear reader!

4 Responses to “My Day”

  1. mom jacobs says:

    I absolutely love this. So cute and so much smarter than the authorities. Lol

  2. Curt says:

    Lots and lots of love. Good servants ARE bloody difficult to find.

  3. Kuru says:

    First time I’ve heard ( seen) her talk! Could the authorities please send more videos please?
    And oh to be in that lovely sea again, or a market that actually has toilette paper!
    Love to all.

  4. Dawn says:

    This was so great and I love all the pictures!

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