Sa Bruta, the Roof of Paguera

The water is still a bit too cold to actually go swimming (although Conor has braved it once and lives to tell the tale) so we’re trying to get our exercise in other ways. Yesterday we went walking up to Sa Bruta, the small mountain behind Paguera. It’s quite a bit higher than the walk we did to Camp de Mar but we cheated and drove half-way up since walking along a paved road isn’t all that much fun. Even when you can gawk at other people’s houses on the way. So we had a good head-start when we began at the end of the road:

The walk isn’t too exciting really. There’s a stone shed ruin and an old cistern on the way but the rest is pretty run-of-the-mill walking in the woods. The views however are spectacular at every turn.

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  1. Curt says:

    Wow, I’ve never actually been up there. Splendid views, I say!

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