Short Walk to Camp de Mar

Camp de Mar isn’t far – it’s the next bay over from our house – but the walk there does involve a hike through the woods over a large hill. There’s a little tower at the top from the 1580s when they had to defend the island against pirates and built a whole chain of watch towers along the south western coast.

We do that walk quite regularly in the summer and usually don’t meet a soul. (Might have something to do with the temperature and other tourists thinking “why would I want to walk about a hill in the heat when I could lie by the beach instead?”). But now in pre-season it was teeming with fellow walkers, mostly middle-aged Germans flaunting serious equipment like walking sticks, hiking boots and fanny packs. The weather is perfect for tramping about right now since the sun is nice and warm but a cool wind still blows so you never get too hot.

Cala Fornells, where we are, is still very much in pre-season mode as well with hardly any sunbathers at the beach and almost no boats in the water. It’s brochure picture time! (Will try to remember and take another picture in mid-August so you can see the change.)

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