Taking a Breather

It’s curiously fitting that we should move back to Barcelona (albeit temporarily) exactly 4 years to the month after originally leaving. So much has happened since then, most of which we didn’t even imagine before we left: getting our advanced diving certificates, surviving a major earthquake, NOT going to Japan, learning to surf (and having that cure my motion sickness on boats!), flying first class and most of all seeing how easy it is to keep traveling!

There are still quite a few places left on our travel wish list and we don’t plan on stopping yet but it will be nice to slow down for a few months, have our own place and play house. The place we’re renting is a “tourist apartment” so it comes equipped with the basics for kitchen and furniture. To complement that, we pulled out some things from our storage like kitchen equipment. Unfortunately we couldn’t find everything we wanted because only when we opened the storage unit did we remember just how much STUFF there is and how little marking we did on the boxes. (Conor was disappointed with my un-Germanness in that regard…)

I agree with our friend Martha, next time we move/store our things, only the essentials are coming.

In any case, we shall enjoy our ‘downtime’ for the next few months and hopefully discover some new corners of the city to share with you here.

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  1. Curt says:

    Four years? My word! Hope you guys settle in well. Lots of love from the mountains. It’s almost as cold as it was during your visit last year. xxx

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