A Little Holiday Cheer

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet but the holiday season is in full swing here in New York with Christmas songs playing in the shops, red/green themed cookies on sale at the drug store and decorations going up faster than you can say ‘ho ho ho’.

To get in on the action we visited the New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train (say that real fast three times in a row), an installation that’s been running for 23 years. It’s a huge set of New York City landmarks and other buildings built out of plant materials such as pine cones, leafs, nuts, etc. Although they do cheat a bit since the actual building block is made out of plywood or something similar and only the architectural details are made up of plant stuff. But that’s nitpicking and the work is stunning nevertheless.

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  1. Curt says:

    Looks a bit fresh out 🙂

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