Big in Japan

Tokyo is a riot dear reader, a RIOT! The catering woman read a book about a family who came to visit Tokyo for a month and apparently there’s something about being in this city that makes adults feel like babies? I don’t understand it but she was nodding along when she read this:

“Imagine, for a moment, the life of a happy baby. Mundane details are anything but mundane; every experience is surprising and mostly delightful. You don’t understand how anything works and you’re constantly trying to decipher the processes, customs and language that govern your existence. This is frustrating and exhilarating, and every small accomplishment produces a rush of pride and an involuntary smile and giggle. People around you do their best to make sure you’re well fed, and every food is delicious and novel.” (From Pretty Good Number One by Matthew Amster-Burton)

Like I said, I don’t understand it because doesn’t every place feel like that? But Catering and Transportation seem to agree with that Matthew man. Hmph, old people.

Anyway, to the matter at hand: TOKYO! We’ve been here for a bit over two weeks and of course we feel like insiders already. The transportation man has figured out the quickest way in and out of our subway station (no mean feat with about 10 different entrances and just as many different train and subway lines running on all different levels), the catering woman has sniffed out the best pastries and pancakes and I’m well on my way to compiling a comprehensive listing of the city’s playgrounds and diaper changing stations. The former being much more fun to research.

But there is so much more still to this place…

One day it rained and we went to heaven. It was filled with balls.

When the curly haired auntie came we went to heaven no. 2 – Disneyland! It rained but it was still wonderful. I got to ride twice on the flying carpet ride, once on the carousel and we went twice through Sinbad’s world. Awesome.

We went to a café where all the waitresses were dressed up in little frilly stuff and we had to make little magic wishes over our food and drinks. Bit weird if you ask me but they fell all over each other wanting to look at me and play so I’m not complaining.

Till next time, dear reader, possibly from the other side of the world again,

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