Dear reader,

You will never believe where I spent last week: In BRAZIL! A very good friend of the authorities got married and we spent the week getting her ready for the big day. (Not that she needed much help. Everything seemed to be quite under control when we got there. I approve of prepared people like that.)

What a wonderful place though. So many fruits I’ve never heard of! And music everywhere! Not to mention the lovely warm weather that was quite the welcome change from the cooler temperatures here in New York. Although it got VERY warm on some days which wasn’t quite so welcome anymore. Especially at night… But I digress.

Sao Paulo is a very big city with so many big houses, it was impossible to tell where the city began and ended. But that also meant there was much to do every day so I never got bored. Let me show you:

And finally, the big day came around and the whole reason why we flew 10 hours to get here. (Overnight in a freezing plane. But I’m not complaining. It was very comfy sleeping on Catering. Not sure if she felt the same.) In any case, the wedding! Wonderful place, beautiful dress, delicious food; the whole nine yards.

So yes, a wonderful vacation and party. I wholeheartedly recommend you visit Brazil yourself, it’s a fabulous place. Just remember to bring some creature comforts for the plane.

Boa noite e beijos, caro leitor,
Small Paw

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