Like a Postcard

Dear reader,

The authorities planned a weekend in the countryside for me, what a nice surprise! We went to visit a high school friend of Catering’s who lives in a very nice house with a wonderfully fluffy dog and her two kids and a husband. I want a house like that when I grow up. There’s a playground in the garden and a pool! Not to mention a whole room just for toys! And did I tell you they had a dog? What marvelous people.

On Sunday they took us to a farm near their house to go apple picking. We also looked at pumpkins and got on a trailer filled with hay so the tractor driver could take us for a spin around the farm. Lunch was freshly made donuts (!). I wish we could have stayed forever…

Today we had a wonderful day visiting a town called Brooklyn. They didn’t have any apple picking or pumpkin patches but we walked through a huuuge cemetery. There were lots of trees and brown, crunchy leaves all over the ground. They made the most delicious noise when you walked through them; like paper crumpling, only better. It was so much fun, I almost forgot to ask to be carried the whole way! Haha, silly me.
Afterwards we walked over a really long bridge and the authorities kept moaning that they forgot the camera and what a pity it was because of the sunset and the full moon, blah blah blah. They need to learn to live more in the here and now. Who needs a camera when you have eyes? I still have so much to teach them… A baby’s work is never done.

As always, thanks for following along, dear reader. I hope autumn is as pretty in your part of the world as it is here!

Sticky pumpkin kisses,
Small Paw

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  1. kuru says:

    Autum, apples and pumpkin pie! And cider? Here’s to the next Samuel Pepys!

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