Rainbow Warrior III

The Rainbow Warrior III was in the port of Palma for two days so we took the opportunity to take a tour. They came to protest possible contracts for oil exploration that’s been planned off the coast of the Balearic Islands.

The name does not show it, but it’s the third ship to carry the Rainbow Warrior name. The first one was sunk by the French Government while at dock in Auckland and costing the life of a photographer on board. The latest one is brand new and built to specification for Greenpeace to be an environmentally aware ship.

The tour was short and mainly above deck, likely thanks to the French (who also happened to be in port with their newest heli-carrier).

We did get to see the wheel house and a few other work rooms. We also spotted the captain boarding but we played it cool and did not harass him, plus he quickly went to work overlooking a manifesto, political or goods I don’t know.

Here is the wood shop room.

Entrance has space for all Greenpeace stickers ever made.

Headed up to the third deck with giant masts in the background.

The wheel house and the empty Captain’s Chair.

This giant ship is guided by this tiny little rotary dial here. And that only if you happen to be guiding it, for the most part the GPS does it.

This was their last day in Spain, they are headed for France next. Seems they have the apprentice double checking the GPS.

Stern has place for landing a helicopter. The railings come down and the doors close flat to the surface. The main boom needs to be taken down but then you’re set to land.

Should it get rough you even have a garage for the helicopter. But apparently it’s mostly used for storage.

It has a permanent crew of 15 members that rotate every 3 months. The other 15 members are Greenpeace activists at work on the ship. We ran into the captain again coming out of his cabin, so this time I did jump in like a Beatles fan and asked him for a picture.

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