The Queen Mary 2 Is the Cat’s Pajamas

Ahoy dear reader!

You’ll be surprised to hear that the authorities have finally started to follow my lead and are taking things a bit slower. In fact, they took my motto, “life’s a journey, not a destination”, to the extreme: we went to New York by boat! And not just any boat, it was a HUGE BOAT! I know this because there were lots of other boats when we left and none was as big as ours. Also, it took forever to get from one end (where we stayed) to the other (where the food was), especially when transportation refused to carry me. But what a wonderful idea indeed to go on the water instead of flying over it.

Of course I’m going to keep you updated about my shenanigans here. We’ve already gone to lots of different parks and playgrounds and yesterday afternoon we went to heaven. (Catering insisted on calling it F.A.O Schwarz but that doesn’t sound right for a place so wonderful.)

Can’t wait to see what else this city holds in store for me!

See you later alligator,
Small Paw

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  1. kuru says:

    At last the dogs!!
    Great Superman Aloha outfit.
    See you later alligator, hopefully.

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