Zipping Around Japan

Dear reader,

These last two weeks went by in a blur: so much happened! It was absolutely marvelous. New places to explore every day, different bath tubs to enjoy at night, once even a giant one called an onsen. It was a bit hot but I shared it with the authorities and they brought my giraffe and grasshopper along so that was great fun. But let me start at the beginning…

After we left Himeji we went further west to Hiroshima. Apparently something very bad happened here many years ago and the authorities were a bit quiet all afternoon, especially after we visited that museum with all the black and white pictures but otherwise it was a very nice town.

Of course there were lots and lots of cherry blossoms for the authorities again.

Next stop was a little island called Miyajima that’s famous for a gate in the water. Everyone went bonkers over it. Old people are weird. I thought the deer that roamed around everywhere were much more amusing. Even though one of them quite rudely tried to eat my pram charm.

Thanks to all this traveling I’ve perfected my unpacking technique. It only takes me about 5 minutes to empty the whole suitcase.

We went to another island called Naoshima that was full of art. Not my cup of tea really but they did have a wonderful beach to play.

To make up for all the boring art watching the authorities took me to the best place on earth: the Osaka aquarium. I could have spent all day looking at these little fishies!

The giant wheel wasn’t bad but they only let us go round once. I could have done that a couple more times.

There was also another castle – I’m starting to sense a theme here – and lots and lots of good food.

The authorities have finally given in and get me my own plate, sometimes. Apparently because I eat too much. Preposterous… They just don’t like sharing.

One day we took a gondola up a mountain to see a shrine and the ocean.

And I saw the biggest mountain they have here. It looks like a proper mountain but where Curtilino lives they have loads more, so this wasn’t too impressive.

On one of the last days of our train tour we went to the Hakone Open Air museum which was marvelous because it’s not a stuffy museum at all but full of places to climb on and play with. I think I’ve finally stirred the authorities into the right direction for my entertainment. Let’s hope they don’t forget.

We finally arrived in Tokyo a few days ago, our last stop I’ve been told. It’s a huge city with lots and lots of people but so far I’m enjoying myself very much. Although people don’t seem as friendly here as in other places. I keep waving at them but only few wave back. Hmph… At least that gives me time to practice other things, like walking upwards. Such fun!

I hope this finds you well, dear reader, wherever in the world you are reading it.

Small Paw

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  1. Curt says:

    Awww, so much love! Thanks for all the lovely pictures. Small Paw looks in fine fettle. xxxx

  2. kuru says:

    What a glorious recuento. Want to know more about that water gate.
    Great fishes photo.
    I see she can’t walk on her own on flat ground, but walking up the toboggan..peace of cake!
    How is her Japanese when she plays with the other kids?

  3. kuru says:

    P.S. No pictures of the onsen?

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