A Quick Trip to Barcelona and Beyond

Hello dear reader,

This is just a temporary relocation the authorities reassure me: we’re in Barcelona for a few days to visit Omi Ku and her iPads (always a pleasure) and then we go to Curt’s birthday bash in Italy which is going to be a riot I’m sure because how can it not be? Afterwards it’s back to Barcelona for a couple of weeks while we wait for the sea in Mallorca to get warmer. At least I think that’s why we’re staying here, you can never be sure with these people.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying out this new thing “making friends”. It’s quite fun, have you tried it? There are lots of other kids around here which is great even though they’re a bit rude and ignore all my attempts at conversation. Even when I tell them fascinating stories about Ant & Bee and Transportation’s bicycle. Maybe they just don’t care for those things here. I’ll try some light banter about the weather next time, see where that leads me. [Ed note: Spanish is strictly reserved for talking to Transportation. Let’s see when the penny drops…]

Otherwise city life is just dandy as always. There are caf├ęs to visit and dresses to wear, wonderful.

I’ll let you know how my quick trip to Italy went next week! Until then, I hope you’re well wherever you are.

Small Paw

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