And the Inevitable Cool-Down

Dear reader,

It was too much, I couldn’t take it. The heat, the mosquitoes, NO I SAID! So the authorities finally gave in and we came back to Barcelona and the blessed air conditioning. (Fine, ok, so this had been planned for months. But it sounds much better when I tell it my way!)

Of course, as soon as we got here the temperatures dropped and it’s actually been raining, can you believe it?! What a let down… But I still try to get the authorities out as much as possible so we can experience all the fun stuff this crazy place has to offer. Right now it’s party time in Gracia, the district we live in. Every year they have a street fair called the “Festa Major” where they decorate their streets and get prizes for it. Much more importantly though, there are carousels!

And the street decorations aren’t bad either:

That elephant gives me an idea – I should totally make the authorities take me to the zoo! Although Catering might not want to waddle around there too long. I’ll work on Transportation first and then he can convince Catering. (Works every time, trust me, I’m an expert.)

Alright my darlings, off to new adventures. And bed. Nighty night!
Small Paw

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  1. Curt says:

    Yej for Conchita Wurst!

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