Hello! Remember Me?

Dear reader,

I know, I know, you’re probably wondering what has happened to me and how I can live with myself knowing that you’re sitting there every day, checking my site to see if I have written something new and yet not doing anything about it. I am sorry.

The truth is, not much HAS happened to me. That’s the gist of it really. After gallivanting around Florida and Caribbean islands it seems trite to talk about the cold weather in Italy and the new dogs I’ve met and made friends with (although they’re all darling and love me to death). But that’s how live is, isn’t it? Sometimes you’re sitting on a beach, building a castle and watching catamarans sail by and other days you’re tramping through the vineyards while the wind turns your cheeks red and you drink hot cocoa by a fire while a lovely lady reads you Spot books. So here goes…

A few days ago was also my cousin’s birthday. She turned 7 and they had a big do for her with balloons, streamers, presents and cake. So much cake… I can’t wait to turn 7 too!

I promise I will be better about writing again from now on, dear reader. Scout’s honor! (I actually don’t know who Scout is but apparently she does a lot of honorable things and people totally believe her.)

Buona notte,
Small Paw

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  1. Curt says:

    Hehe, I’m so glad I could “teach” Small Paw a thing or two about, uhm, life. <3

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