Home Sweet Home

Dear reader,

I know that header sounds a bit funny what with the authorities moving around so much and us not really having a ‘home’. But right now Mallorca is probably as close as it gets. Especially considering all the work they’re doing on this place. Transportation is SEWING! It’s impressive, really. (Even more impressive, he did a pretty good job…) There are new mosquito nets all over, racks on the kitchen wall, a new coffee table, deck chairs, curtains – like I said, this is as home as it gets.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. On the contrary. This is a lovely spot to spend more time. There’s a pool and the beach, a bike with a seat for me and this darling Argentinian family down the road sells divine chocolate croissants. Really, what’s not to love?!

Today was tiring because we spent most of it driving around and going to boring shops to look at things that I’m not interested in like vacuum cleaners and furniture. (And of course when it came to interesting things like Mickey Mouse underwear Catering is all “Come on, let’s go!” Hmph…) Anyway, one place was wonderful as always: Ikea. Have you heard of it? It’s the most amazing place. There’s always a tasty lunch waiting, today was salmon with carrots and a pink yoghurt for dessert, and then you get to play with everything!

I wish we could come more often. But the authorities are always tired after the visit so maybe that’s why they don’t want to go every day? Old people, I tell ya…

But it’s not all shopping, shopping, shopping of course. We actually do very little of that, today was an exception. Usually I spend my days painting, swimming and helping out in the kitchen.

And when exhaustion inevitably kicks in, this is a tried and true recipe for revival.

So yes, enjoying the sweet home life and summer days just drifting by. I hope you’re having a good time too, wherever you are!

Lots of sunny kisses,
Small Paw

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