Who would have thought, with two little Paws there’s twice the amount of time lost in your day! Not that we didn’t know that tiny babies need lots of attention but we somehow didn’t factor in that during those moments when BabyPaw is asleep (and not on top of you, mind you), SmallPaw will suck up all the remaining attention, energy and whatever else you can give. So it’s been exhausting all around. But lovely all the same. If you have kids, you know what I mean…

Regardless, we still managed to go to the beach:

Pick up a passport for BabyPaw from the consulate with the most amazing view in the whole of Barcelona:

Entertain visitors:

And of course, lounge around…

Everyone keeps asking how SmallPaw has reacted to the new member of the family: she’s been great. She’s very careful around him and will only kiss his feet or sometimes gently stroke his head. Otherwise she sort of ignores him which is fine by me. They’ll have enough interaction once he starts messing with her toys. HA! But she is protective. The other day a friend asked whether she could take BabyPaw with her and SmallPaw answered: “No, because he belongs to Mami, Papi and me.”

He sure does.


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  1. Martha says:

    There’s nothing like a baby paw to make a small paw look really big!

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