Santa Claus and Glorious Food

Dear reader,

I don’t know if it’s Christmas or the surroundings but everyone seems to be obsessed with food these days. Scarcely a day goes by without someone making something special and oh-so-tasty. Not that I’m complaining, mind.

Anyway, first things first: SANTA CLAUS CAME! I know, I know, kinda early. But he has a lot to do these days so I thought it was lovely of him to drop by the village and bring us all some candy. He brought a marching band too, great fun.

And we’ve been making food. Ourselves. From scratch!

There was also the infamous Lomo al Trapo lunch. Basically, a piece of meat wrapped in a tea towel and thrown into the fire. What could possibly go wrong?!

They’ve assured me this is just the beginning. There’s goose to come and cookies, cakes and more bread. I love Christmas!!!

Happy holidays everyone!

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