A Short Stop in Sevilla

Dear reader,

I’m falling behind here. We’re already in a different COUNTRY and I haven’t even told you about our lovely time in Sevilla. So let’s remedy that with a quick picture show, shall we? (Just in case you’re new here, be sure to mouse over the pictures for my comments.)

After Sevilla we got on a bus and made our way to Portugal. Apparently there are no trains across the border, don’t ask. But the bus ride was interesting. Transportation and I played ‘Guess the animal’ and ‘I spy’ and watched some Peppa Pig. BabyPaw slept the whole way so he missed all the pretty countryside and how we crossed a bridge and suddenly we were in another country! You could also tell because the road got bumpy from then on.

Anyway, next time I’ll tell you about Faro and the extremely colorful apartment we stayed at. For now I’m snuggling into bed with BabyPaw to keep warm and dream about the surf pounding outside. (We’re on the Atlantic coast already, halfway to Lisbon. The house we’re staying at is nice but the heating is extremely localized, as in only the immediate surrounding area of the heater gets warm but the rest of the house nada. Which is pointless anyway because the bedroom is upstairs and there is no heating at all in that room. I imagine it’s quite pleasant in the summer though. Brrr…)

Salty ocean kisses,

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