Always Mallorca

Dear reader,

Oh it’s been too long, I know, I know. And I promise I won’t fob you off with a lame excuse about how there simply wasn’t any time or nothing exciting happened. (Although both are true in parts.) Let’s just say I’ll try and do better in the future, ok? Great.

So, what’s been happening? Last you heard from me, I was in the cradle of antiquity, soaking up the history and the tzatziki in equal amounts. Since then I’ve been to see my cousins in Italy, visited lots of friends in France, spent time with my other cousins in Barcelona and took an overnight ferry to finally arrive in my summer domicile of Mallorca. I’ll give you a quick visual tour of how that all played out. First, Italy:

Then France; first with aunt Sally and then la famille Samuel:

Barcelona with the other cousins:

And finally, finally Mallorca after a loooong night on the ferry over:

Phew, now you’re all caught up. Posting will be lighter over the summer because, well, there’s not much happening in terms of travel and whatnot. But I’ll check in every once in a while to let you know how I’m doing, promise.

Hope you’re well and enjoying some sunshine, wherever you are.
Kisses and hugs,

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