Baby Steps

Hi everyone!

So apparently this whole blogging thing is harder than I thought, especially since the internets here are very, very slow. But now that Papi has called the people who send us the internet several times, the speed seems to have picked up enough for me to share some more pictures with you.

It’s been an eventful few weeks, let me tell you. We’ve had non-stop visitors, I’ve been growing more teeth and learned how to crawl and stand alone. (Walking’s just around the corner but psst, don’t tell Mami and Papi. It’s going to be a surprise!)

Anyway, get ready for a boatload of pictures! 🙂

We did a short trip to Barcelona to visit Tomas for his birthday and see Omi Ku one last time.

Then the visitors started, one more fun than the next. First up, Nena. She’s a really active one so we did all sorts of fun stuff: hikes, tennis, lots of swimming and pool time.

Then uncle Curt came for a few days and took Mami and SmallPaw to play mini-golf. Unfortunately I don’t have any other pictures from his stay even though we did lots of fun things together. Oh well, your mind is a camera they say…

And finally, quite by surprise, cousin Greta came to see us!

Now it’s just us which is also fine if not quite as exciting. But we’re still doing fun things and go swimming a lot. (Now even in the sea, all together! Sadly no pictures of that since Mami never takes her phone with her when we go swimming.)

I promise I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve cracked this walking thing. Maybe I can even figure out how to put a video here but I might need SmallPaw’s help with that. Bye for now!


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    So much love!

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