Black Sands and Deep Ravines

Dear reader,

This new island is a whole other kettle of fish. To begin with, it’s tiny. But there’s a giant volcano crater in the middle of it and all around the island looks like an accordion, as though the land was folded into scraggly pleats. Which looks cool on a satellite picture but is a pain in the behind when you have to drive from one place to the next. Believe me, I know… (Today the authorities were trying to pull a fast one over us. “Oh, let’s just stop here for lunch, it’s on the way home anyway.” Home my foot. It added another HOUR to our drive even though it was right next to our town on the map. This place is weird.)

Anyway, so this is La Palma.

Today we went to see the massive crater that defines the island. It was a pretty big slog there, mostly because of the aforementioned folds in the landscape, but luckily Transportation loves us and came to sit in the back to entertain BabyPaw and me while Catering took over driving privileges. When we finally made it to the top the view was quite impressive, I have to admit it. Diplodocus liked it too.

We also checked out the beach and coast; all black, as you might imagine from that ginormous volcano crater in the middle of the island…

As we trekked down the side of the cliff we kept seeing little doors in the walls, sometimes a small window too. At the very foot of the cliff we then saw these:

Who is crazy enough to a) swim here and b) carry all their luggage and food down, I don’t know. We did meet one man who was hanging out in his cave “house”, much higher up though, near the parking lot where we stopped. Transportation talked to him and found out that he usually spends weekends there. He was bringing firewood down from his jeep. I bet it gets pretty frosty there at night so close to the water and with the wind from the Atlantic rushing in. He seemed to like it though. Crazy Germans…

But my favorite place remains the house where we’re staying. I can happily spend all day here, watch the sea, swim in the pool and let the folds and ravines stay where the sun don’t shine.

Sadly we only have a few more days here and then it’s off again to the next island. Let’s see what color sand they have there.

Bye for now,

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  1. Curt says:

    And I thought you’d seen it all, wow.

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