My Super Quick Greek Visit

Dear reader,

Of course we had to stop in Greece on our way from Cyprus to Italy because it’s well, in the way. But also on the way. And Transportation had never seen the Parthenon. (Neither had BabyPaw and I but apparently there’s a lot of stuff we’re still missing. We’re working on it.)

Because we were going to spend just a few days in the city and the main reason for our stay was to visit the Acropolis, the authorities picked the place with the possibly best view in the whole of Athens for us to stay. That’s us on our balcony:

Pretty sweet setup, right?! But of course we didn’t just admire it from afar with a cup of milk and some biscuits.

The crane in the middle of the Parthenon is there for the rebuilding efforts. They plan to put the whole thing together again the way it looked originally, or at some point at least (it’s gone through quite a few changes in its centuries of existence). I think it’s kinda neat to see where the new pieces have been fitted.

After a typical but tasty tourist lunch, we visited the Dionysus theater and the Museum of the Acropolis. The museum is pretty well done, even though it’s just bunch of statues. And a great view of, you guessed it, the Acropolis.

So with the big elephant out of our touristy way, we were free to spend the next day any which way we wanted to. Which means we found a park with a playground, of course. In this case not just any park but the National Gardens of Athens.

Yet another new country on my list – this year is really shaping up nicely! But now quiet time comes around again. Next week we’re driving to Barcelona, with a few stop-overs in France, and after a brief interlude there we’ll take the ferry over to Mallorca for our yearly summer hiatus. Pool, beach, food, repeat. Bring it on.

Good night my dears,

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