Quick Stop in the Eternal City

Ciao readers,

I’m off to warmer climes (thank god, it’s getting mighty chilly around here) but I couldn’t leave Italy without at least taking a peek at the craziness that is Rome. And to visit my friend Chiara, naturally.

There is so much old stuff in this place! The authorities keep pointing at buildings and piles of rocks and ROADS, saying that such and such has been here for hundreds or thousands or bajillions of years. It’s a little tiring but they seem to enjoy it. And I found lots of puddles to jump into and there were cats too. So it’s all good.

As I mentioned, we also visited my friend Chiara who lives here in the city. She has a very nice apartment with huge baskets full of dress-up clothes. I was a fairy, and a princess and another fairy and then more princesses. Heaven.

We also went down into the catacombs to see where the Christians used to bury their dead and celebrate mass because they weren’t allowed to do it in public. I don’t know how long it took them to dig those miles and miles of tunnels and thousands of graves but it was impressive. My friend did her bit and amplified the tunnels some more while the lady with the hilarious accent talked about the place. Obviously, with only her bare hands she didn’t get very far but I applaud her community spirit all the same.

As I mentioned, I’m off to seek the sun and sea and I cannot wait! Tomorrow morning we’re getting on a plane, two planes actually, and tomorrow evening we will be in Gran Canaria. Woohoo!!! I’ll be putting up lots of sunny, sandy pics to send you all some warmth in the cold. Because I’m sweet like that.

Baci da Roma e buonanotte,

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  1. giulia says:

    poor boys….out shined by the girls…..

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