Traveling’s Tiring (In a Good Way)

At night I usually can’t be bothered to write up a blog post. I feel bad because I want to share all the wonderful things we get to see and do each day but after a full day of touristing (and here in Japan all your senses are constantly on full alert because there’s so much you don’t understand or that’s new) and chasing after the little paws means that after they finally fall into bed at night we’re usually not far behind. Except of course then there’s work to be done or travels to plan or blog posts to write… You get the gist.

Long story short, this won’t be a very long post because I’m tired (thanks again for the sunrise wake up call BabyPaw). 🙂

And we’re still not nearly caught up with all the good stuff we’ve done: temples, food, onsens, dress-up, tatami rooms… Will try and get on that in the next few days in Tokyo. We’ll be there for 10 days so hopefully some time for relaxing and recharging. And lots of shopping. (The entire family needs new shoes. Hello Onitsuka Tiger!)

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  1. vicky says:

    like the blond kid attraction with selfies 🙂

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