Several Weeks Later…

Dear reader,

I’m almost embarrassed to write at this point. The authorities have let this place go to the dogs, it’s a disgrace. “How else is the world supposed to find out about my latest exploits?” I ask them. And they just shrug and fall into bed comatose at the end of the day instead of writing something witty and fun about me here.

So, as they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself. (It really is impossible to find good staff these days.)

I left Mallorca with a heavy heart and a very light suitcase since Catering took most of it with her in the car. Yes, it was all a bit confusing at the end: Catering left a few days early by car to drive to Germany while Transportation, BabyPaw and I flew to Hamburg a few days later. Much more convenient if you ask me but then again, nobody ever does. Sigh… [Ed. note: The car needed to do its T√úV which turned out to be impossible so it has now gone to live on a beautiful farm with a lot of other old cars.] Anyway, once we were all reunited in Hamburg we had a grand old time with uncle Curt and Valerie who have the most gorgeous apartment because it has a suitcase full of dress-up clothes! A whole suitcase!!!

Of course we also did a few other things (none remotely as fun as dressing up from that suitcase): we went on a harbor cruise, visited the Miniatur Wunderland and hung out with friends who have a tiger blanket you can put on your head because YES!

Alas, time flies when you’re having fun and soon we had to pack our bags again for far off Ludwigsburg to explore the wonders of the M√§rchengarten.

Today it rained all day so we went to the Mercedes Benz Museum which was almost as boring as I thought it was going to be. (It was actually somewhat fun but don’t tell the authorities. I’ll never hear the end of it…)

Best of all though – I got to help with the bees! And I didn’t get stung like Sam (twice, ouch!) so I think I nailed this whole beekeeper thing on my first try.

Tomorrow we’re going to the largest pumpkin exhibition ever, anywhere. Or something like that. It’s big in any case and they’ll let us play with bales of hay. Sounds like fun! Maybe I can motivate the authorities to write about it here afterwards. For now, sweet dreams.


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  1. kuru says:

    love the beekeepers!!

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