Yep, still alive!
When the sun rises, it’s gorgeous.

We’ve spent an entire year in one place and we’re still alive! Actually, that’s not strictly true because we still spent an awful amount of time traveling, especially in the first part of the year when the kids weren’t in kindergarten yet. But we did spent sufficient time here to say that it feels like home now. So, of course, we’re moving. Again. Probably.

Italy is calling and we’ve sort of answered. There are still a few kinks to iron out but if all goes according to plan we’ll be living in La Bella Italia by September. That should be sufficiently “on the road” for the blog to make sense again. Maybe.

This whole sedentary thing has gotten me very lazy about writing, even about taking pictures. Which is sad because kids grow up fast (who knew?!) and before you know it they loose teeth and grow knobbly knees.

So let me take you on a whirlwind tour of our last 12 months. And please excuse the formatting mess. WordPress has had some many updates in the meantime that I’m lagging behind and need to fix some CSS to make the site all nice and shiny again. Another day.

In January we hired a car, stuffed it to the gills and then drove north to our new home.
We spent days at Ikea. It was agony.
In February we took a well-deserved break skiing in the Dolomites.
Then Small Paw turned 5!
April saw us back in Italy, quite unforeseen.
But you make the best of it.
Then uncle Curt got married in Bavaria. We dressed for the occasion.
Of course the obligatory Mallorca visit in the summer could not be missed.
It’s our happy place.
Went all out for our friend’s 40th birthday party (rockin’ the 80s)!
Family around a table of food. Everything you need.
We had our first pizza party. A rousing success.
In August we traveled to Germany for a big family party. SO. MUCH. FUN.
In September it was time to face the music: first day of kindergarten and pre-school!
Of course, it rained. (Vienna is great but that weather…)
Baby Paw turned 3!
Spent a weekend at Neusiedlersee kitesurfing and exploring.
Visited Laxenburg.
Harvested olives for our first ever olive oil.
Celebrated yet another 40th birthday. 🙂
Welcomed baby Oscar into the world.
Spent Christmas in various states of sickness but had a kick-ass tree that smelled like heaven.
Enjoyed all the Christmas markets around town.
And had some serious snow to show the Italians what winter is.

Looking back at this I remember why it’s nice to blog, to remember the little things that happened and share them with you. So who knows, maybe I’ll get back into it. Or not. I’m not making any predictions because apparently I suck at those. (Hello Italy!)

4 Responses to “Yep, still alive!”

  1. Curt says:

    My dear old thing, what a splendid surprise! Lots and lots of love from the real north (C+V=O)

  2. Vicky says:

    Love you all –

  3. Okkyun says:

    Hope you keep up the blog. Hugs and kisses.

  4. kuru says:

    Am missing some of those incredible New Year fireworks photos. And foretelling the future, and lost in the tea house blizzard. :))
    Great Xmas in spite of the the illnesses. Enjoyed every bit of it, including dressing Alec for the -7 degree weather.

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