Roo Golf

The Anglesea Golf Club is famous for having its very own population of Eastern Grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus). The animals live all around the course and can be seen especially in the morning and around dusk grazing on the fairways and lounging in the shady roughs. Apparently they get hit very little by golfers, either because they’re very good golfers or because the ‘roos know where to sit in order not to get hit. In any case, if your ball lands too close to one, just chalk it up as a lost ball because you do not want to get into a fighting match with a kangaroo. Their scratching techniques are way beyond any human ability.

2 Responses to “Roo Golf”

  1. Claudia says:

    This looks like something out of an Adam Sandler movie…

  2. Dan Knox says:

    Love the site. My nephew Russell Knox is curretnly playing on the Nationwide Tour in the US. His nickname has alwasy been Roo and you should check out his siteL We are going to put up a link to your page so his fans can see a another type of Roo Golf! Thanks.

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