Chiantishire Life

Life in Chianti in January is very quiet. There are hardly any tourists, many shops and restaurants close and when a cold wind like today whistles through the vineyards everyone is happy to stay home in front of chimney.

Of course, if you have a dog to take care of then you do need to leave the fire every once in a while (grrrr). But we’ve had some spectacular days:

And when you have the cutest dog in the world, how can you say ‘No’?!

Not that you ever would dare to say ‘No’ because she will EAT you:

This weekend we were going to have a pizza party for a friend’s birthday but he got sick unfortunately (hope you feel better soon John!) and so we ate a lot of pizza by ourselves. Everyone got to make one, or at least choose their toppings starting with a “Pizza Maialona” designed by Piri:

A heart-shaped “Pizza Vegetariana” collaboration from the Schmitt sister’s:

and a lethal concoction dreamed up by Guido with Nutella, banana and grappa which he then proceeded to light on fire in honor of the absent birthday boy. Unfortunately the picture doesn’t do it justice because it was pitch black except for the pizza flambĂ©:

The absolute star of the evening was Bruno though. If he keeps this up we can enter him into the Junior Pizza Olympics soon:

He even figured out a trick to reflect light into the oven using his pizza paddle to check if the pizza was done.

The "Absent Birthday Pizza" before it got the grappa treatment from Guido.

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