Told You I’d Get Them Out of the House…

See dear reader? This is how it’s done… Had a little talk with Transportation and boom! next day we’re at the CosmoCaixa museum. Not quite the zoo but good enough.

They did have some plastic penguins there for the Antarctic exhibit and of course there were the fish and the one lone chiguire in the rain forest part. But Catering didn’t take any pictures of those, sheesh.

There was also a balloon that flew to the ceiling and came back down again, lots of balls that went in funny directions with air and spinning table tops and my favorite, the color booth where you could make shadow puppets!

I’ll try petitioning for the zoo again but I’ll probably have more luck once the weather gets cooler. Or Catering stops waddling. We’ll see what happens first.

Kisses and night-night,
Small Paw

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