Castles and Kites

Hi guys!

I know SmallPaw said I shouldn’t be posting here anymore but it’s just so much fun and I’m sure she won’t mind the odd message from me. 🙂

We tried to go to this castle one day but it was closed for a wedding so we had to come back again the next day and I’m so glad we did. There was so much to see and do! They had wild boars and birds of prey and all kinds of dressing up things.

And Papi and SmallPaw finally found a meadow with all the kite-flying requirements – no animals, no poop and no trees – to send his birthday present up.

Now we’re in the Peak District, yet another national park here in Yorkshire. It’s all so spectacular, I don’t have the words really to describe it. Gorgeous? Is that a word?

Mami tells me that these are old phone booths but why would you need a booth to make a phone call? Very confusing.

Oh and the Lady Bower dam, that was so pretty. And perfect for my exercise! I walked along the whole dam by myself. With a few interruptions, mind you. Definitely earned my nap after that.

We’re spending a few days on a farm now where they have horses. I went to visit them before dinner tonight and that one little pony scared the heebie-jeebies out of me!!! It made such a loud noise so suddenly that I tried with all my might to out-scream it but I totally couldn’t. That horse really had some lungs… I prefer the ducks that waddle around the garden and the sheep with their wooly coats.

Tomorrow we’re going to a big house further south that belongs to a duke. Should be good!

Bye bye and night night,

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