Fa La La La, How Late It Is…

It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve arrived in Sydney, this post is long overdue, I agree. But to make up for it, here are a lot of pictures. Very little writing though since BabyPaw is teething (the never-ending story), it’s ridiculously hot and the mosquitoes are having the time of their lives in our apartment. So to put it mildly, I’m somewhat anxious to get to bed. RIGHT NOW. (Of course, comments are still in the picture titles when you mouse over the photos…)

If this is our last post for the year, and let’s face it, at the rate this is going that’s a given, then we wish you all a wonderful 2017. May the road always rise to meet you.

3 Responses to “Fa La La La, How Late It Is…”

  1. enrico valentina e noè says:

    siete bellissimi e cresciuti…un abbraccio forte e happy new year (also to zio curt if he’s still there)
    c u soon

  2. kuru says:

    Love all of it, but especially the windy picture and Small Paw’s face. 🙂
    How far did he get into launching himself into the water?
    Is Curt’s heart still ticking ?

  3. kuru says:

    Love the deadly animal and croc 🙂
    But what were you doing in a cemetery on Christmas day? Confused with Halloween?

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