Hanging Again

Remember the cacoon? Of course it came with us to Italy and Small Paw has already made good use of it in the garden. That is, once Fa made it up there…

There are several advantages to pulling the cacoon so high. Most importantly, excellent views and complete privacy.

Of course eventually Small Paw was allowed into the Cacoon as well. No one can resist those puppy eyes.

Unfortunately in the last few days the weather has turned quite autumnal and having the Cacoon outside doesn’t make much sense anymore. Instead it has found a new home at Dani’s and Carlo’s current residence, across the road from us. A perfect place.

3 Responses to “Hanging Again”

  1. kuru says:

    Hope there is room fr me in it this november…

  2. Nick says:

    Absolutely fabulous!

    We think small Paw deserves on of our new Bonsai Cacoons especially developed for kids so please forward a delivery address. You should also have a look on you tube where there should still be a video of how to attach a simple 4:1 purchase system to your Cacoon. This cunning device can take me 30-40 ft up where the view is unparalleled and the interruptions zero!

    happy Cacooning.


  3. Nick says:

    Hi Guy’s

    Just a quick comment from Cacoon HQ.

    We place a 4:1 tackle between the branch and the cacoon top. With a simple marine jam cleat at the Cacoon end. This way you can load the cacoon at normal height and then pull yourselves up to your height of choice…always tie the loose end off as well as using the cleat!


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