The Heat Is On

It’s too hot and not much is happening but here are some pictures from the last few days. A whole group of sail boats anchored right in front of our house a few evenings ago. During sunset one of the guys shimmied* up to the top of the longest mast and took a group shot of everyone below.

* I say shimmied but we realized later that he was tied into the sail rig so they just pulled him up from the bottom. Not quite as athletic as I had hoped…

Then one of the super yachts that sometimes find their way into our humble little bay brought along one of these bad boys.

Mr. Bond, you are cleared for take-off.

If you’ve never seen this before, it’s basically a jetpack powered by one of the jet-skis next to it. The woman using it didn’t go nuts (there were no loop-de-loops or other crazy stuff) but it was fun to watch nevertheless. If you want to see what this thing looks like up close, here’s a video.

We also went to Palma a couple of times to buy some things and see what’s new in the city. (Not much, it turns out.) But we did discover some new parts of town that we had never been to before. And most importantly, we got a new hat for Small Paw. Because this just couldn’t continue…

Although now that the heat has really started she prefers her playtime au naturel. I don’t blame her.

And then there’s always the pool when things get too hot. She doesn’t look like it but she is enjoying the water. (Copious protest crying when we take her out…)

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